Bellamianta beauty 

                                I couldn’t wait to get my tan on with this baby 😍 I’ve heard so much about it so decided I should review this for everyone haha.

                                Bellamianta comes in lotion or mousse form. So I went with the rapid mousse as I have worked with mousse before, more so than lotions. I got mine in Sherwoods Pharmacy Wexford for €25 (€20 for the lotion) . Intructions say for a light tan leave it on for 2 hours, medium 3 hours and a deep tan 4 hours+ . It boasts about no smelly tan smell, drys in 60 seconds, olive tones, hydration for the skin and an even ware off. 

                                I would like to have been more exfoliated than I was but it had to do ! That’s the most important info I can give you regarding any tan, make sure you are properly exfoliating and moisturising prior to application but don’t moisturise day of application ! (But I did moisturise 🙈)

                                I was heading on holidays on Sunday morning so I applied it Saturday morning and left it on for my whole work day ( 7hrs that day, with some jeering I’ll have you know ) when I came home I applied another layer with no wash off in between and left that on for another 2 hours. I then showered it all off and there was a lot of brown water in my shower 🙈 I moisturised and headed to bed 👍🏽 I will say a lot came off but I was left with a lovely golden olive colour not a fake orange look at all thank god !! I also didn’t notice any horrible smell and it did dry very quickly. The application was different to what I am used to, it didn’t go as far as it was drying quickly but I wasn’t using loads on just one layer either, just a matter of getting used to a different tan ! 

                                   So I came home from my holiday Wednesday night and I didn’t reapply tan at all over those few days away! It lasted through plenty of showers, I just kept moisturising. Usually my feet and hands are always the first to go, with ware from shoes ( not on my hands obvs 😂) but they were perf ! 


                                 So overall a big tanned thumbs up from me ! It’s a bit more expensive than tans I have been used to but I think you are definitely paying for quality here and because it lasts so well after application, you aren’t wasting bottles trying to top up your tan !! Go go go out your best and buy it 😂💜

                      Thanks for reading 😘



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