Bellamianta beauty 

                                I couldn’t wait to get my tan on with this baby 😍 I’ve heard so much about it so decided I should review this for everyone haha.

                                Bellamianta comes in lotion or mousse form. So I went with the rapid mousse as I have worked with mousse before, more so than lotions. I got mine in Sherwoods Pharmacy Wexford for €25 (€20 for the lotion) . Intructions say for a light tan leave it on for 2 hours, medium 3 hours and a deep tan 4 hours+ . It boasts about no smelly tan smell, drys in 60 seconds, olive tones, hydration for the skin and an even ware off. 

                                I would like to have been more exfoliated than I was but it had to do ! That’s the most important info I can give you regarding any tan, make sure you are properly exfoliating and moisturising prior to application but don’t moisturise day of application ! (But I did moisturise 🙈)

                                I was heading on holidays on Sunday morning so I applied it Saturday morning and left it on for my whole work day ( 7hrs that day, with some jeering I’ll have you know ) when I came home I applied another layer with no wash off in between and left that on for another 2 hours. I then showered it all off and there was a lot of brown water in my shower 🙈 I moisturised and headed to bed 👍🏽 I will say a lot came off but I was left with a lovely golden olive colour not a fake orange look at all thank god !! I also didn’t notice any horrible smell and it did dry very quickly. The application was different to what I am used to, it didn’t go as far as it was drying quickly but I wasn’t using loads on just one layer either, just a matter of getting used to a different tan ! 

                                   So I came home from my holiday Wednesday night and I didn’t reapply tan at all over those few days away! It lasted through plenty of showers, I just kept moisturising. Usually my feet and hands are always the first to go, with ware from shoes ( not on my hands obvs 😂) but they were perf ! 


                                 So overall a big tanned thumbs up from me ! It’s a bit more expensive than tans I have been used to but I think you are definitely paying for quality here and because it lasts so well after application, you aren’t wasting bottles trying to top up your tan !! Go go go out your best and buy it 😂💜

                      Thanks for reading 😘



 Wild Atlantic Way 

                Took a family trip to Dingle, Co.Kerry for a few days this week. Our first stop was Clonmel, Co.Tipperary, driving through the town I noticed there was plenty of shopping to be done but unfortunately we were a bit early on a Sunday morning and everywhere was closed😭, so on to the next stop which was  The Lazy Bean Café in Cahir, Co.Tipperary  for some breakfast.😍                                                                 After that we headed on to Dingle to find our holiday home that we rented on Done Deal for a few days. Dingle town was pretty busy as we drove through, full of tourists so loads of hustle and bustle around! But our house was just a couple of minutes outside the town surrounded by hills and fields, it was perfect !  ​​                                         So later on that day we took a boat trip out to see the famous Dingle dolphin Fungie and the weather was unreal and we could see way out across the water to Skellig Michael island where some of the latest Star Wars movie was filmed ! The tour was really good loads of info about the area and the dolphin himself and was well worth €10 an adult for a full hour around Dingle harbour and further out. We got to experience some amazing views and Fungie played along and gave us a few jumps too. 😊 ​🐬

​                                                                                                                          Got a tad windy at the start of the trip so I threw on this longline khaki hoodie €12 from Penneys, also comes in black. 

                The next day we went to the Ocean World Aquarium and for €13.50 we got to see some awful looking fish🐟 😂 penguins🐧 and two big sharks that were supercool and close up 😳 and loads of other fishy looking creatures 😜 ​

            It was a scorcher that day so we decided to drive the Dingle Peninsula and it was amazing, some of the most beautiful parts of the country are along the Wild Atlantic Way 😍                                    Tiny roads, stone walls and cliff edges galore but the sun was shining and the views were spectacular!                                                So with the sun shining, I of course opted to wear black 😂 my long line, side split, sleeveless stripe shirt is from Penneys and I paired it with black leggings and some layered choker and chains.                                                                                                 On our way home we found Coumeenoole beach at the bottom of a big cliff it was tiny but full of people enjoying the sun but the water was coooooollllld 🌊                            The next day we started on our journey to Tralee and we stumbled upon a route that brought us through Conorspass. With just enough room for one car in most places, a small stone wall with a big drop behind it on one side of the car and a cliff edge on the other 🙈 but it was stunning✨                    

                 We headed out to Crag Cave in Castleisland, where for €12 we got a detailed tour of the dimly lit underground cave.                                             My off the shoulder blue stipe shirt is again from Penneys paired it with denim, tan and gold accessories, this would be fab with white jeans too and tan heels 😍

                The next day we went shopping in Killarney but there wasn’t much in the town! But I still managed to buy a few bits in Penneys don’t you know🙈

                  If you haven’t already I would definitely recommend as an adult, to take a trip to the west of Ireland and take in the scenery under the sun because there is no where quite like Ireland when the sun shines 😍☀️🇮🇪 

             Thanks for reading to the end I know it was a long one 😂😘                   
                           Much love 💜


Rockabilly Red 💋

                                It’s that time of year again, the Rock and Food Festival is in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. So I took a trip up and donned my most 1950’s sunnies I could find, a roaring red lip and black flick on my eye ! 

                                   The lipstick is MAC Viva Glam I and I used the Essence Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. Still practicing with that liner or any liner to be honest !! Flicks are my enemy 🙈 My top is from Penneys and my jeans are from River Island the Molly ones customised by moi! 

                                     My sunnies were from eBay a good while ago and they were probably around €2 👍🏽 All day I got stopped and complimented on them ! A man singing and playing guitar on the street even said over the microphone in front of everyone as I passed him ” oh I love the glasses, beautiful !” #morto 😂 

                               There were plenty of stalls to browse around the town centre in the Market Square, mostly food but some crafts aswell. It was a fab sunny day and the town was out in force enjoying the music. 

                                   The rockabilly style on the men and women around was great to see and in full view when they were up jiving on stage ! So a great day to listen some fun music that gets your hips swaying and your foot tapping and take in  all the goings on around the town !


                                     Finished the day off with a cocktail 🍸🍹 I got the loop da loop  but it no more tasted like an ice cream than I do ! But sure it was drinkable 😜

                                 So if your at a loose end this Bank Holiday Sunday then take a trip to Enniscorthy town to fill in a couple of hours and enjoy the festivities 😉 
                       Enjoy you guys ! 😊 


                  Thanks for reading X 😘

FOTA Fun 🦁🐒

                                   Took a trip to FOTA Wildlife Park this weekend in Cork with the family👨‍👩‍👧‍👧. It was a great day for it, sun was shining by the time we got there and there wasn’t a huge crowd either ! 

                                I’m not a huge animal lover but think it’s amazing getting so up close to these kinds of animals that you wouldn’t see normally ! Like these fellas up there ☝🏼️☝🏼. I did feel with some of the animals that they looked bored, they just walked around in circles constantly. I felt kind of bad for them but at the same time I’m not a zoo keeper so I don’t know my stuff haha 😂 

                                     So when the sun comes out my shades do to, I have to get use of those 30something pairs I have 🙈. These ones I got in London last year in Camden Town {coolest place ever}. My layered choker is from Penneys! 

                                     In fact I’m head to toe Penneys once again! This crotchet knit sleeveless cardi was on sale for €7 #bargain and a summer staple! 

                                      My side split maxi I teamed with a lace trim white cami top and tan accessories. All from Penneys, sandals are last years stock!  

                                       As you can see I was at one with nature and the giraffes here😂 until I seen a whole load of spit in their mouth and I was outta there 😂✌🏽️ #peaceout  

                                 I would recommend FOTA for a fun family day out in the sun but be prepared for the drive and don’t go hungover like I did #fullofregrets 😷



                        Head to toe Primark/Penneys today ! Not that unusual from any other day 🙈 I’d have nothing to wear if it wasn’t for that shop ! Even my 5 year old niece said to me the other day “did you get that in Penneys because you get everything in there” #penneysbest 

                                 This black maxi skirt is so comfy and was only €10. It’s lovely and stretchy but not clingy 🙌🏽 I teamed it with a black camisole, tucked in and a tan belt to break up the black. Beige batwing cardi is old stock but so handy to throw on in the cool summer evenings! 

                                 So get yourself down to your nearest Primark/Penneys and go wild. I’m fully stocked up on sunnies and chokers ……….. for now 😂🙈x

Beach Babe 

                           For the first time since I was a small child, I went to the beach on a glorious day and got into the sea in my SWIMSUIT !! I didn’t die and no one screamed ! I felt great in the water, was so refreshing and so much fun frolicking around in the sun:) 

                           I am a curvy girl and have been my whole life which has never been easy as a young girl. Since starting my blog I’ve grown in confidence and to know that curves are ok too. Now I still have a lot of hang ups but I’m definitely more comfortable now I’m a bit older !  

                          But the moral of my story is … Feck it! Get in that water, wear that swim suit and own it ! Enjoy the sunshine make the most of it and be grateful you are out in it and able to go to the beach !!

First blog post

My first ever blog post ! Well this is a lot more detailed that any of my Facebook/Instagram posts ! So here I go with my official blog, I’ve been doing it for almost two years but now this feels a tad more real! Come with me and see where this goes 🙂